Moulin du pont


The family suite includes two bedrooms :

The "Rose" room includes with two 1-person (twin) beds.
Early morning, you will take a peek at the green pastures while vibrating of dew and, not doubt, you will try to return to your bed, and dream of all the roses chosen for you through paintings, fabrics and furniture, which characterize this tempting room.
The "Jasmine" room includes a 2-person (double) bed.

Equipped with a large bed set up against a mural console, this room will undoubtedly give you the feeling to be on holiday at some friend's house. This atmosphere with a choice of harmonious nuances, will color your dreams with the nuances of the Berry region.
Le Moulin du Pont - 18170 Marçais - FRANCE
Home phone : + 33 (0)2 48 96 44 43 – Mobile phone : + 33 (0)6 15 05 43 06